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Some of our completes projects


Safety manager for Wheel LoadersWLO L150H EMEA 0138

To be able to sell machines on the European market, you need to fulfill the Machine, Noise and EMC Directive.

As Safety manager in four different Wheel Loader porjects, RAMS Tech worked with the Machine Directive in particular and its requirements on Machine Safety with intention to obtain CE-marking for the machines.






railway yard2

RAMS/LCC and functional safety for railway systems

Bombardier Transportation has a broad experience as a complete supplier railway system,  with everything from trains with operation and control systems to signaling systems and complete maintenance services. RAMS Tech has worked for Bombarider Transportation since 1998 with RAMS/LCC and functional safety in several project.

The assignments has concerned train systems, such as electrical and mechanical operation systems, Train Control and Management System (TCMS) and signaling systems. TCMS reaches Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 while signaling systems reaches SIL4.




Balizok az Őrségi vasúton2

Safety for ERTMS

Infranord has installed European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) on a type of locomotive in order to get driving perimit on the Haparanda Line. Specific Transmission Modules (STM) were also necessary to ease entry and exit where Automatic Train Control (ATC) are installed.

RAMS Tech got the specialist assignment by Stockholmskonsulterna to perform the safety analysis for ERTMS on board the train because their long experience in RAMS and functional safety.







RAMS and functional safety for offshore wind

To reduce emission of carbon dioxide with million of tons, several sea based wind farms are being built. Due to the great distance between land and wind farm, the electricity is transformed from alternating current to direct current on sea based platforms to reduce losses. Afterwards, the current is transformed back to alternating current before being distributed to the grid on land.

For several years, RAMS Tech has had a leading role in coordinating the RAMS and functional safety work for several of the sea based platforms because our long experience in electricity and railway systems.






RAMS/LCC for couplers

The couplers represents a central role in the trains dynamic. There are several types of couplers with different function depending on train type, if the coupler should be openable or not, automatic or manual, used for transportation or bogsaigery etc.

Since 2003, RAMS Tech has worked in projects as RAMS/LCC specialist.








electrical substation by Martin

RAM for electric power plants

ABB develops technology which enables system owners to increase the capacity as well as improving the electric stability.

RAMS Tech has about 15 years of experience as specialist in RAMS for electric power plants.



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